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F.C.C.U. Product Range
Regenerator Cyclones Diplegs Internal Catalyst Hoppers
Reactor Cyclones Trickle Valves External Catalyst Hoppers
Tertiary Cyclones Flapper Valves Air Grids
Hopper Cyclones Bracings Air Rings
Rough Cut Cyclones Hangers Steam Rings
Close Coupled Cyclones Plenums Catalyst Withdrawal Lines
Direct Coupled Cyclones Standpipes Stripper Trays
Internal Cyclones Risers Feed Nozzles
External Cyclones "J"bends Spool Pieces
Refractory lined Cyclones "Y"pieces Refractory Lining
Hardfaced Cyclones Flue Gas Lines Hardfacing
Dust Bowls Overhead Lines Weld Overlay
Other Products
Heat Exchangers Columns Powder Recover Vessels
Condensers Towers Ducting
Evaporators Piping Dust Control Cyclones
Filter Vessels Multi-cell Cyclones Lined Vessels
Powerclones Hydro Cyclones And Vessels Of All Types

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Our flexible approach to individual systems and their problems means that customers with difficult requirements come back to us time after time.