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A brief list of the equipment manufactured over the last decade and on going. Most of the Cyclone work has been done through our sister company Van Tongeren International Ltd (One of the leading Cyclone design companies), therefore the end user is indicated. Where it is stated "Cyclones" this normally includes all the ancillaries such as Diplegs, Valves, Bracing and Hangers. This list is not exhaustive, just an indication of our diverse customer base.

Coal Products Duplex Ducting
BP Grangemouth Cyclone
Esso Antwerp FCCU Cyclones
Esso Rotterdam FCCU Cyclones
Esso Rotterdam FCCU Cyclones
INA Sisak FCCU Cyclones, Cat Hopper & Plenum
Cochin Refinery FCCU Flapper Valves
BP Coryton FCCU Emergency Shutdown Spares, "Y"piece, Air Ring, Attomax Feed Nozzles.
BP Grangemouth FCCU Emergency Shutdown Spares, Cyclones, Standpipe, Air, Distributors, "J"Bend, Riser, External Cat Hopper
Raytheon Pressure Cyclone
VAM Organics (India) Cyclones
Agip Sannazzarro FCCU Cyclones
Slovnaft Refinery FCCU Cyclones
Formosa Plastics Pressure Cyclones
Holburn Refinery FCCU Cyclones
Dow Corning Pressure Cyclone
ISLA Curacao FCCU Valves, Steam Ring
Turkmenbashi FCCU (MSCC) Cyclones
Mathura Refinery FCCU Plenum &Cylones
Gujerat Refinery FCCU Cyclones
PCK Schwedt FCCU Cyclones, Riser, Feed Nozzles
HAR * FCCU Close Coupled Cyclone system
Raytheon Cyclones
Sarpom * FCCU Close Coupled Cyclone System
Hindustan Petroleum FCCU Cyclones & Plenums
Elf Milford Haven FCCU Cyclones, Standpipe, "J"Bend, Riser, Cat. Hopper, Flue Gas Line.
SASOL Hardfaced Synthetic fuels Cyclones
Mossgas Hardfaced Synthetic fuels Cyclones
Sakai * FCCU Close Coupled Cyclones System
KNPC FCCU Cyclones
Panipat Refinery FCCU Cyclones & external pressure Cyclones
Wellman Process Vapour vessels & Heat Exchangers.
Conoco Cyclones
Sadaf Cyclones
International Paints Cyclones
Esso Thailand FCCU Close Coupled Cyclone System
Ertoil Huelva * FCCU Close Coupled Cyclone System
Lurgi FCCU Cyclones
Caltex Capetown FCCU Cyclones
Akzo Nobel Cyclones
Norsk Hydro Cyclones
ICI Cyclones
Esso Augusta FCCU Cyclones
MOL Reactor Overhead Line
British Sugar Powerclones, Outfall housing, Ducting
British Coal Cyclone
Fina Antwerp Steam rings, Q.T.S.


INA Sisask  “Y”Piece, “T”Piece, Cyclones
Formosa Plastics Cyclones
AGIP  FCCU Cyclones
Excel Chem. Corp. Cyclones
SK (Eng.) Ghana FCCU Cyclones
Esso Fawley  FCCU Close Coupled Cyclone System
Oil Refineries Israel  FCCU Cyclone Spares
Hyundai Cyclones
PDVSA (Venezuela)* FCCU Close Coupled Cyclone System
Mozyr Refinery  FCCU (MSCC) Cyclones
* =  Exxon licensed FCCU  

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